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A.O. Consultants is recognized for providing actionable insights that improve your people decisions.


Whether it’s pre-employment testing, DiSC assessments or hiring tests, armed with these insights, our clients build high-performing workforces matched to the task at hand. We help our clients build confidence in their people decisions based on insights they get through our performance tools.


We work with you to address your most pressing concerns:

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Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Therefore, you want valuable insights about a candidate before you hire them, so you can place them in the right jobs and develop them to their full potential.


Our pre-employment and employee assessments provide you with the information you need for a productive and successful employee from pre-screening and job fit assessment to onboarding and managing performance. Our skill-based solutions ensure that you are screening employees that have the right skill sets for your business. A.O. Consultants does not believe in the status quo, and we are constantly working to improve and serve you better.

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