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profile XT executive leadership

The Profile XT Executive Leadership assessment is a tool designed to illuminate your inherent executive potential and your approach to confronting challenges, while achieving excellence in leadership by predicting how your characteristics will manifest in your behaviors. Great leaders aspire to be as effective as possible in the myriad situations they encounter. Becoming aware of your strengths to exploit, and potential challenges to address, is the first step in developing and refining leadership skills.

As an executive, you are responsible for engaging people, implementing policies, making decisions, and driving developments that advance organizational goals, for which stakeholders hold you accountable. The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report provides insight on the manner in which you approach meeting these responsibilities and how to utilize this knowledge to maximize your leadership talent.

Assesses 6 Components of Leadership Success:

  1. Innovating Strategic Initiatives
  2. Maximizing Resources
  3. Utilizing Organizational Synergies
  4. Producing Quality Results
  5. Mentoring Others
  6. Maintaining High Personal Standards

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