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managerial fit assessment

Profiles Managerial Fit™ (PMF) is a special report that utilizes data from the ProfileXT® to measure critical aspects of compatibility between managers and their employees. This report offers an in-depth look at one’s approach to learning, as well as six critical dimensions of compatibility with their manager: self-assurance, conformity, optimism, decisiveness, self-reliance and objectivity.

Managers use this information for adapting their styles in order to get the most from each employee; improve communication; increase engagement, satisfaction, and productivity; and reduce employee turnover.

Why assess employees and managers?

People typically don’t quit their companies, they quit their bosses. During times of change in an organization, such as when hiring or restructuring, it is easy to overlook culture, chemistry and personal fit. Given the urgency to make difficult decisions, personnel decisions are made based on short-term need and factors that make sense on paper.

However, once new people start working together, interpersonal issues are likely to surface. While a small degree of workplace conflict may be considered a sign of engaged employees, excessive and chronic conflict can be damaging, distracting, and costly.

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